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Rhythm is one of the easiest forms of musical expression, rhythm flows though our bodies, and the world around, drumming and rhythm making reconnects us to that universal rhythm inside ourselves, the community, and world. drum circle group A drum circle is a rhythm-based event where a diverse group of individuals and instruments are gathered for the common purpose of empowering a community with creative self expression in a group music making experience. Rhythmical expression is as ancient and unique as man and found through out world, represented in art, celebration, meditation, and wellness situations. Drum Circles are commonly used for social gatherings or to promote wellness in populations such as nursing homes, assisted living, at risk youth, mentally or physically challenged, and various community / corporate situations.

A Community Drum Circle is a place for individuals to express themselves through the use of drums and percussion instruments. These instruments are accessible to a multi-generational and multicultural community. An individual can express themselves through the instrument without much skill or technique, becoming a part in the group song. The use of different timbal instruments (drums, shakers, bells, etc.) allows the group to experience a metaphoric relation of the unique individuals involved in creating a diverse spontaneous rhythmic song, fun for the the whole group. As the groups sounds evolve, participants begin to hear the rhythmic interdependent relationships creating the songs. Conversations through rhythmic pulses emerge as the community becomes connected beyond the music produced.

ken and drum circle
Please Join us for a Community Drum Circle,
Grab your drums, shakers, clickers and scrapers! And let's jam!

There is a chair for you, your family, friends and those you have yet met! Don't have an instrument? No worries! We are a full blown drum and percussion shop! Plenty to play with!

All are welcome! Bring your Drum, Open Circle, all ages, all cultures, drum, dance. Great way to end the week, and to explore community through the shared gift of Rhythm!

FEB. 19, 2010
MARCH 19, 2010
APRIL 30, 2010
7-9 pm

Eyeclopes / Everybody Drum
620 Charlotte Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 371-9040 if we don't answer we are drumming! !

All are welcome! Bring your Drum, Open Circle, all ages, all cultures, drum, dance. Great way to end the week, and to explore community through the shared gift of Rhythm! (If travelling from afar, Please Call to make sure there isn't and art opening or I am at a festival (540) 371-9040), it is an open circle, MultiGenerational / MultiCultural, all levels participate, Drums avaliable and for rent or bring your own! Always extra shakers, and dancers are the best!

EVERYBODY DRUM is also available for community, personal parties, festivals, music store promotions, teambuilding, well elder care facilities, hospitals, head start, and at risk programs. Almost any situation can host a Drum Circle, call and find out about our programs!!

Please contact for more information!!! Ken Crampton (540) 371-9040

Contact Ken Crampton to design your Rhythmical Experience today!

Drum Circle Facilitation, Team building, Community Building, Festivals, Churches, Djembe, Dounoun, Bougarabou Lessons. Drum Reheading and Starter to Professional Drums For Sale.